I love hearing from my couples and I think you might too! Here are a few testimonials to put
your mind at ease.
Aisling & Zac
Wow, where to begin? To say that Wes photographed our special day would be an understatement. Wes made our wedding day. 
I was delighted to find Wes after a huge amount of research, his photographs were so incredibly beautiful and we were so drawn to how well he captured the pure joy of people. You of course would assume that people are happy at a wedding, but you may not assume that a lot of the joy captured is also motivated by the happy, kind, enthusiastic and talented gentleman behind the camera.
We met Wes before our wedding day and could feel that his ultimate goal was to ensure he knew every detail to capture the day perfectly, we of course 'just clicked'. We also gave Wes some tricky obstacles to manage e.g. Dad, Step Dad and Mum all involved with the aisle walk which he took with such grace and ease. We left feeling incredibly confident and content with our choice. For us it was so important to have the perfect photos and what we received post wedding day confirmed just that. 
On the day Wes seamlessly captured every special moment, at times, when he was shooting the more intimate moments, you couldn’t even tell he was there and other times his presence was what made the moments so special. I’ll never forget when we hopped in the car with Wes to go take our couple photos at our chosen spot and he said “can you believe it, you’re married!!!”. 
We cannot give a more glowing reference for Wes and cannot recommend him enough. He left a lasting impression on every single one of our guests and made our day so fun. The wedding wouldn’t have been complete without Wes. We would hire him as a hype man, a calming hand and an organiser - and of course a photographer. You spend a lot of your wedding day taking photos and you deserve to have someone who will make you feel like the most beautiful bride or handsome groom, and of course, make it a heck of a lot of fun.

If you’re still reading this long review, it looks like you’ve just found the right person to capture your special day. 
Alana & Werner
Wesley is an absolute 10/10 in my books! I would work with him again in a heartbeat. Not only does he take absolutely gorgeous photos but he is such a lovely guy as well.
I loved how he took such care to get to know us, making sure he’s on the same page in terms of vision and how the day will run. Having someone like this who is invested in your results and whom we could trust also made the process much less stressful.
In fact Wesley helped to bring the good vibes and ensure we all had a great time on the day! So many of our guests actually commented about how wonderful Wesley was to work with. Just so easygoing and fun. His high level of customer service and friendly upbeat personality really did make all the difference.
And as for the actual photos … I am blown away with them. So very impressed with his ability to capture all the truly special moments of the day and also how flattering he made us look too! The photos are just stunning and so special to have. I can’t wait to frame some - the problem is which ones to pick! They’re all so good!
We will be forever grateful to Wes for his hard work and talent. It was an honour having him be part of our special day.
Highly highly recommend and wish him all the best x
Hailey & Andrew
We are so grateful we had Wes to photograph our Wedding Day! 
Wes was great communicating with us right from the get-go, helping us plan our schedule and meeting up with us beforehand so we could get to know each other and prepare for the day. It was clear that Wes truly cared to know our whole story and our thoughts, ideas and intentions for capturing the day. 
My husband and I can be a little camera shy but on the day of the wedding Wes guided us into locations and poses that felt so natural. He was also able to capture so many candid moments. I’ve had so many of our guests come to me complimenting him and his energy. He was great talking to the guests and fit right in. 
The whole day was just so easy. It was perfect.
The photos themselves are absolutely beautiful. Wes went above and beyond, preparing a huge selection of amazing photos. We are completely obsessed with them.

Thank you so much, Wes, for photographing the best day of our lives. We will treasure these photos forever.
Tamahae & Kamiria
Wesley is the most kind, outgoing, accommodating person that we were so lucky to have photograph our day.
He made us feel secure and looked after, he even knew how to make fast decisions when things weren't going as planned. Wes went out of his way to insure that ALL of our guests were included and will ONLY ever get your good side!  Our guests still go on about how awesome he was and we are so truly grateful. 

 Wes was the highlight of our wedding day to some of our guests!  Right from the first meeting we knew we could trust Wes to capture the best possible photos of the most important day of our lives. Even in the most intimate moments, you won’t even know he’s there! I’m scrolling through our photos wondering how he was always there to capture the best off guard snapshots! He is always without a doubt 100% professional, and will always find a way to make guests laugh. Best of all, he knows how to have fun!

Wes stayed longer into the night then planned to be able to capture photos of our loved ones having the best time. He prioritised us and our day, and will always go out of his way to go above and beyond.

My honest advice to any couples that are looking for that person to trust, somebody that will have your back and provide STUNNING memories with your loved ones - Wes is your man.

All the best to you Wes, you deserve the world.
Tania & Kallum
Wesley is a rare find indeed. Having been part of so many weddings over the years I've rarely enjoyed the photography part of the day - it often feeling like a "thing to endure".

I can promise it won't feel like that for a second with Wes. It's fun, it's playful - He is great at asking the right questions up front and understanding the vibe. Instinctively knowing when to be directing things and when to seemingly vanish. He vibed so much with our crew and us - if you get anything right on the day, get this guy!
Kelsey & Fraser
There are so many things to recommend about Wes.
The way he is with guests. I was told so many times by my guests how great he is and how he gets along with everyone amazingly. His love for weddings, it really shines through in his work the photos are better than anything I could have imagined. How quick he is with his communication, planning a wedding can be stressful and having someone who gets back in touch with you within a few days takes a massive load off the worry.
The way he takes the time to get to know you and what your wanting on the day. In all honesty I had no idea what I wanted but Wes did such a good job at capturing the moments I didn't even think about.
Thank you so much Wes couldn't imagine not having you there!
Kelly & Harry
Anyone looking for a photographer? Wesley Johnson Photography is literally the kindest, caring and funny person you could have photographing your special day. He is based in Wellington. He made us all feel so relaxed and was so much fun to hang out with!
He put no time limit on the day and was there to capture everything important to us from getting ready to the first dance and some craziness on the dance floor. Here are some snaps (excuse the random order).
Thanks Wes!!
Melissa & Simon
Thank you again for our photos, we are beyond happy with them!! We have had so many comments on the standard and quality of your work, even had another photographer say how hard it would of been with the lighting and that you nailed it there incredibly.
We would love to catch up for a drink with you again sometime, if you ever over in the bay, let us know.
Lastly, put your prices up, you are worth every cent.
I'll highly recommend you!!
Rebecca & Matt
Stumbling across some of your work was one of the most exciting parts of our wedding planning.
From the very beginning you were so easy to work with and made everyone feel so comfortable. The memories you captured are amazing and we are so lucky to have the most amazing wedding album to treasure forever.
Thank you Wes 🤍
Danielle & Ben
We were lucky and privileged enough to have Wesley as our wedding photographer. 
Wes made the day more enjoyable with his professional and relaxed approach and we absolutely loved the photos at the end of it.  
He made all of our guests feel at ease and was a crucial part to the success and celebration of the day.
Wes helped us through the entire process from start to finish including choosing the best photo locations and photos we wanted to have, so we were all planned for the day. This definitely took the pressure off!
The final photos were amazing as he is an extremely talented photographer.
If you’re looking for a photographer then we would highly recommend Wesley.
Ruth & Daniel
Wesley was truly amazing!
All of our guests commented on how awesome he was and our photos turned out incredible!
He travelled all the way down to the South Island for our wedding, attended the rehearsal and spent
the whole day with us so he didn't miss any special moments.
He made us all feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera which made for some great shots
He listened to us and cared about what we wanted. I would recommend him over and over!
Aleisha & Brandyn
Hands down, the best wedding photographer!
Not only was Wesley a pleasure to have around with us on our wedding day but the photos he took are incredible and captured our day perfectly. I could not be happier with the end result and we would happily recommend him to anyone.
Thank you Wesley for making our day so special and giving us amazing photos to remember our day with for years to come. We can’t thank you enough!
Vanessa & Cameron
Wesley was nothing short of incredible! He brought so much light and fun to what can be an incredibly 
stressful day. He was such a pleasure to be around and almost felt apart of the bridal party as it didn’t
feel like he was there to do a “job”.
His eye for detail was perfect. He knew exactly what shots to take and when, he met up with us weeks
prior and collaborated with us on what types of shots we wanted and he most certainly delivered on these!
He attended our rehearsal the night before to get a gage for the venue and the surroundings on where else we could possibly go for more photos. He took us down to a beautiful river and my Husband said it was his favourite part of
the day and he hates photos.
He was efficient in his work and his communication with us. No ask was too big! He put us all at complete ease.
Our photos are beautiful. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!  If you want a photographer who will not only provide you with incredible photos but can also bring such fun to your day, then Wes is your man!
Thank you so much again!
...through the eyes of a Bridesmaid
It was love at first sight.
Wesley is the most approachable photographer to work with. He is not just there to do a job, but also available “in between scenes” for easy conversations and laughs.
You can say that he is that sweet balance between professionalism and casual. He makes you feel so at ease and he is so much fun to work with. To describe it, I would say, would be like having that crazy best friend pointing a selfie camera at you and that inner child of yours wanting to come out to play. He just brings out the fun in something most of us are not comfortable with.
I highly recommend Wesley. His love for photography shows in the way he connects with people, the quality of his work and how he captures memories.
Wesley, please don’t ever change. Always stay true to who you are, as who you are, shines in your work.
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